1. Introduction

    Medeia Studio Kft.‘s Business Regulation and General Terms and Conditions

    Company Info


    BPC Clothing Kft.


    + 06 70 612 0284

    Postal address:

    1132 Budapest, Visegrádi utca 31,


    Registration number:


    Registered to:

    Pest Megyei Bíróság mint Cégbíróság

    Tax number:


    Bank account number:


    Customer service:

    BPC Clothing Kft.

    Customer service address:

    1132 Bp, Visegrádi utca 31.

    Customer service opening hours   :

    hétköznap 10-16 óra között

    Web page:


     General provisions

    Prices published on the website cannot be considered as an offer. BPC Clothing Kft. reserves the right to decline the order initiated through the online webshop if it cannot be fulfilled because of the actual state of the stock. Medeia Studio Kft. reserves the right of price change concerning certain products, especially concerning products on sale. BPC Clothing Kft. declares that the automatic confirmation message cannot be considered neither as a signed, written contract, nor the acceptance of purchase offer to Medeia Studio Kft. by the customer.

    Warning! Our prices are only valid on our webshop, our prices may differ in our stores!

    Undermentioned General Purchasing Conditions (hereinafter General Conditions) solely concern the parties in mutual recognition agreement. On the one hand the users of (hereinafter as „Customer“ or „You“), on the other hand the Company name: BPC Clothing Kft. Headquarters: 1132 Budapest, Visegrádi utca 31. Registered to the Pest County Court as Registry Court. Registration number: 01-09-176069. Tax number: 24663106-2-41.

    Bank account number: 10700457-68940047-51100005

    Solely the hereby mentioned general conditions are valid and replace all other terms, except in the case of an exceptional, previously reported or written modification. has the right to eventually modify hereby general conditions, so the general conditions of the webshop (hereinafter webshop) have to be read before every purchase.

    These modifications are valid from the moment they appear on the webshop and are not elligible to the contracts made earlier. For all orders made on the webshop, the valid general conditions are those which were in effect on the date of the order. In case of an approved order, You accept the conditions read here unconditionally. When using the webshop, you agree that you accept and respect the general conditions listed here, just as the user regulation.

    2. Order

    On the online streetwear webshop, registration is not a condition for purchasing, but it is important to know that we do not record the purchases of our unregistered customers, so they don’t get informed about our sales, which can sometimes go to a reduction of 50%! Do not miss anything, sign up to our newsletter or during registration, tick the newsletter registration box!

    The main reason of registration is to simplify the purchase and to benefit of amenities and special offers. Data given to us is treated in accordance with universal data protection provisions, we respect your personal data, with do not give them out to any other party! After signing up to the webshop, you can place your order. After signing up, the user can see and modify personal data on his/her profile.

    It is important to change modifications concerning shipping information before placing your order!

    Choosing the product, basket – You can put the product in the basket by choosing the size and color of the needed product, then clicking on the „to basket“ icon. Then the basket list appears, which contains the chosen product(s) so far, their unity and total price. The quantity of the chosen product(s) can still be increased or reduced, the product(s) can still be deleted from the basket and shopping can be continued.

    To finish shopping, one has to follow the easily understandable instructions.

    We confirm your order by email or phone.

    If you have any question or remark concerning our webshop, please notice us in the following email address: ugyfelszolgalat­

    3. Product information do their best to credibly indicate the basic characteristics of their products. This means product description, photos of the product, name, item number, price, variant colors in stock, sizes and materiál composition of the product.

    4. Prices

    Prices shown on the webshop are given in hungarian forint (HUF) and they include the value-added tax, but not the shipping fee. Eventual shipping fees must be paid by the user and they appear on the bill next to the ordered product as shipping fee once the order is placed.

    Shipping fee is uniformly 999 HUF, on the territory of Hungary. has the right to modify its prices at anytime, when ordering, the valid price is the one which was on the webshop at the moment of the order.

    5. Replacement

    In case of any replacement, the shipping fee must be paid by the orderer, which costs 1.500 HUF.

    Concerning any requests about replacement, please consult with our colleagues via phone (+36 30 678 4110) or email (ugyfelszolgalat­

    6. Availability

    We complete your order based on the product’s in stock availability. If the ordered product is not in our stock, we inform you via email within 8 work days and we state with what deadline we can fulfill the shipping.

    If you order multiple items and there are products which are temporarily not available in our stock, we call you in any case and we discuss the deivery process.

    7. Shipping

    Products purchased from our webshop are being shipped on the territory of Hungary by GLS courier service within 2-8 workdays.

    GLS courier service uniformly ships on the territory of Hungary for 1.500 HUF.

    Our customer service’s contact:

    Phone: +36 30 678 4110

    Email: ugyfelszolgalat­

    Please send your remarks and complaints to the ugyfelszolgalat­ email address.

    8. Money back guarantee offers 100% money back guarantee for all products available and purchased from our webshop.

    We are sure that you will be satisfied with all our products, so we offer 100% money back guarantee within 8 work days from receiving.

    If you are dissatisfied for any reason with our product, please contact our customer service and we give back the full purchase price without any question, if we get back the product in undamaged condition!

    9. Cancellation

    Call our customer service on the +36 30 678 4110 phone number within 8 work days from receiving, you can consult with them about the possibility of repayment. If you want to claim the money back guarantee, send back the product in its original package with its tag at your own expense to our address. We transfer back the product’s price without the shipping fee to the bank account number given by you within 15 work days.

    In other cases, the provisions established in the Government regulation 17/1999. are normative.

    Seller can claim compensation fee in case of damaged item caused by improper use.

    Customer accepts the incurred expenses arising during the practice of his/her right of cancellation.

    We do not take any responsability for eventual typos in the product information and prices!


    Our eStore is offering its consumers secure bank card payment provided by CIB Bank. The security relies on the separation of data. With the use of the system the eStore  receives only the quantity of the ordered commodity and the delivery address from the consumer, while CIB Bank the card data on a 256-bit TLS secured payment page. The eStore will not be informed about the payment-side data content, they are accessible for CIB Bank only. The bank will inform the eStore if the transaction was successful or not. Your internet-browser must support TLS encryption to use bank card payment solution.

    The counter-value of the purchased goods, the paid amount will be promptly blocked on your card account. Please read this information carefully.


    You are welcome in this eStore operated with CIB Bank’s secure, Internet payment solution.

    You will find below a short description about how you can shop in a safe and reassuring way.

    When shopping, you should pay attention to the following matters:

    • Read through the eStore’s information leaflet, the conditions of the purchase and delivery terms.
    • Study the eStore’s security conditions since these will guarantee the security of your data.
    • Note your data relating to your purchase.
    • Keep a record of the transaction data connected to your payment. (transaction ID, Authorisation code)
    • Make sure that unauthorised person does not have access to the secret data of your card
    • Use a browser that recognises the option needed to TLS encryption

    About security

    TLS is an abbreviation for an accepted encryption method called Transport Layer Security. This Bank has a 256-bit encryption key to protect the communication channel. A firm named VeriSign makes possible for CIB Bank the use of the 256-bit key, with which we ensure the TLS-based encryption. For the time being this encryption method is used in 90% of global e-commerce. Before transmission, the browser used by the buyer encrypts the card holder’s data with the help of TLS which means they are passed to CIB Bank in a coded form, this way they are indecipherable for unauthorised persons.

    Acceptable cards

    CIB Bank’s Internet payment system allows the use of cards like Mastercard/Maestro and VISA and VISA Electron (the use of the last one is subject to the permission of the issuing bank), and cards for only internet use.

    Payment steps

    1. On the page of the eStore you select the goods/services, for which you intend to pay with your bank card.
    2. Following that you’re redirected to the webpage of CIB Bank guaranteeing secure payment, where you have to enter your card data to begin the payment.
    3. Following this, you’re redirected to CIB Bank’s page guaranteeing secure payment, where you have to enter your card data to start the payment process.
    4. Following the payment, you’re directed back to the Store page, where you receive a confirmation about the result of the payment.

    In the case of bankcard payments, following the successful transaction – this means the approval after the expiry date of the bank card and the coverage are controlled – CIB Bank debits the account of the Card Holder with the countervalue of the goods/services.

    If you’re not directed back from the payment page to the Store’s website, the transaction qualifies as unsuccessful. If you click on the „Back” of „Refresh” buttons of the browser on the bank’s payment page, or close the browser window before you could be redirected to the store, the payment will qualify as unsuccessful.

    If you wish to receive more information about the outcome of the transaction, or learn about the causes and details of unsuccessful transactions, please contact your account keeping bank.

    Frequently asked questions about internet-based card payment



    What types of card can I pay with?

    You can pay with all embossed VISA and MasterCard cards, and certain VISA Electron and V Pay cards. Whether or not you can use VISA Electron cards for internet-based payments depends on the bank that issued the card. VISA Electron bank cards issued by CIB can be used for internet-based purchases.


    Which banks’ cards are suitable for internet-based payments?

    All VISA and MasterCard/Maestro cards that the card-issuing bank has authorised for internet payment, as well as ‘web cards’ issued specifically for internet use.


    Can I pay with a shopping card?

    Point-collecting cards, used for storing loyalty points, issued by merchants/service providers, cannot be used to pay via the internet.


    Can I pay with a co-branded card?

    All co-branded cards that are MasterCard or VISA-based cards suitable for internet payments can be used to pay.




    How does the background process for online payment work?

    After choosing ‘bank card’ as the method of payment on the website of the merchant/service provider, the shopper initiates payment, and is then diverted to the Bank’s payment page, which is equipped with a secure communication channel. For payment, you need to give your card number, card expiry date, and the 3-digit security code on the signature strip on the reverse side of the card. The transaction is launched by you, and then the card undergoes a real-time authorisation process, in which the authenticity of the card details, the available funds and the spending limit are all checked. If all the data necessary for continuing the transaction is in order, your account-keeping (card-issuing) bank blocks the payable amount on your card. The debiting (deduction) of the amount from your account takes place within a few days, although precisely how long it takes will depend on the account-keeping bank.


    How does a card-based purchase via the internet differ from a conventional card-based purchase?

    We distinguish between transactions where the card is actually presented in the store (Card Present), and those where it is not physically present (Card Not Present). Card Present transactions take place using a device called a POS terminal. After the card has been swiped and the PIN keyed in, the terminal makes contact with the card holder’s bank via the authorisation centre and, depending on the type of card and its issuer, either the VISA or the MasterCard network. This is where the validity and funds verification check (authorisation) takes place. The POS terminal (and the merchant) receives the approval or rejection via the same route, only in reverse order. The shopper signs the card receipt. Card Not Present transactions are transactions where the bank card is not physically present. These include transactions executed by post, telephone or electronically (via the internet), in which case the shopper (card holder) launches the transaction by giving his or her requested card data via a secure (256-bit encrypted) payment site. If the transaction is successful, you receive an authorisation number, which is the same as the number that would be shown on the paper receipt.


    What does reservation mean?

    As soon as the transaction comes to the bank’s attention, it is followed by reservation (blocking), because the actual debiting can only take place once the official data arrives, which can take a few days, in which time it would otherwise be possible to spend the amount of the purchase again. This is why, through reservation, the money used for a purchase or cash withdrawal is segregated and blocked. The reserved amount is still part of the account balance, so it earns interest, but cannot be spent again. Reservation ensures that transactions for which there aren’t enough funds are refused although the account balance would, in principle, still permit them.



    When might a transaction be unsuccessful?

    Usually this happens when the payment order is not accepted by the card-issuing bank (i.e. the bank that gave you the card), or it might be due to a telecommunication or IT fault that prevent the authorisation request from reaching the card issuer when using a bank card.


    Card-related errors

    • The card is not suitable for internet payments.
    • Use of the card over the internet is blocked by the account-keeping bank.
    • Use of the card is blocked.
    • Incorrect card data (card number, expiry date, security code on the signature strip) has been given.
    • The card has expired.


    Account-related errors

    • There are insufficient funds to execute the transaction.
    • The amount of the transaction exceeds the card spending limit.


    Connection-related errors

    • The connection was probably lost in the course of the transaction. Please try again.
    • The transaction timed out. Please try again.


    Technical errors

    • If you are not returned from the payment site to the website of the merchant/service provider, the transaction was unsuccessful.
    • If you have left the payment site, but return to the payment site using the browser’s “back”, “reload” or “refresh” function, the system will automatically refuse the transaction for security reasons.


    What should I do if the payment procedure is unsuccessful?

    A transaction ID is generated for every transaction, and we recommend that you make a note of this. If in the course of the payment attempt the transaction is refused by the bank, please get in touch with your account-keeping bank.


    Why do I have to get in touch with my account-keeping bank if the payment was unsuccessful?

    In the course of the card check, the account-keeping (card-issuing) bank notifies the (accepting) bank of the merchant collecting the amount whether the transaction may be executed. The accepting bank cannot give out confidential information; only the bank that identifies the card holder is entitled to do so.


    What does it mean if I get an SMS text message from my bank on the reservation/blocking of the payable amount, but the merchant/service provider indicates that payment was unsuccessful?

    This can happen if the card check has taken place on the payment site, but you have not returned to the website of the merchant/service provider. In this case the transaction is classified as incomplete, and as such it is automatically deemed unsuccessful. When this happens, the amount is not charged to your card, and the reservation is lifted.




    What do VeriSign and 256-bit encrypted TLS communication channel mean?

    TLS is the abbreviation for the Transport Layer Security, the approved encryption process. Our bank has a 256-bit encryption key, which protects the communication channel. The company VeriSign enables CIB Bank to use the 256-bit key with which we ensure the TLS-based encryption. At present, 90% of the world’s electronic commerce uses this method of encryption. The browser program used by the shopper encrypts the card holder’s data using TLS prior to sending, so that all the information is transmitted to CIB Bank in encrypted form, rendering it undecipherable for unauthorised persons.


    After the payment, my browser warned me that I’m leaving a secure zone. Is the security of my payment still assured?

    Absolutely. The payment process takes place via a 256-bit encrypted communication channel, so it’s totally secure. After the transaction, you’re returned to the merchant’s website, and if the merchant’s website isn’t encrypted, your browser will warn you that you’re leaving the encrypted channel. This doesn’t represent a threat in terms of the security of the payment.


    What’s the CVC2/CVV2 code?

    At MasterCard this is short for Card Verification Code, and at Visa, for Card Verification Value, and it is a numerical value coded onto the magnetic stripe of the bank card, which can be used to determine the authenticity of the card. The CVC2 code, which is the last three digits of the number printed on the reverse of MasterCard/Maestro cards, must be provided in the course of internet purchases.


    What does Verified by Visa mean?

    Visa card holders who are registered in the Verified by Visa system can choose a password at the bank that issues the card, which they use to identify themselves when making internet-based purchases, and which protects against the unauthorised use of Visa cards. CIB Bank accepts cards issued under the Verified by Visa system.


    What does MasterCard SecureCode mean?

    Mastercard/Maestro card holders who are registered in the Mastercard SecureCode system can choose a password at the bank that issues the card, which they can use to identify themselves when making internet-based purchases, and which protects against the unauthorised use of Mastercard/Maestro cards. CIB Bank accepts cards issued under the Mastercard SecureCode system.


    What is the UCAF code?

    If you have a MasterCard/Maestro card, you may have received an individual code from your card-issuing bank. If you didn’t, just leave the field blank.